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Angel Bookkeeper LLC — Deanna Moriarity

My name is Deanna Moriarity, and I am the owner of — and your — Angel Bookkeeper. I have managed bookkeeping services for several Phoenix-based businesses, as well as companies in other areas of the country. From sole proprietors, including artists and wellness coaches, to more established small businesses, I have decades of experience helping companies enhance and streamline their financial processes.  


Business & Bookkeeping Certifications

  • 30+ Years of Bookkeeping Experience
  • BA in Business Administration
  • Certified ProAdvisor with QuickBooks Online
  • Annual Filing Season Program – Record of Completion from the IRS.
  • NBA Bookkeeper Certification
  • NBA Payroll Certification

More About Angel Bookkeeper

I believe that living a happy and healthy life will lead to having a prosperous business. That's why you'll see blogs about wellness, health food and how to create a healthier work environment placed right alongside topics about bookkeeping, taxes and financial planning.  

I have three amazing grown children and two grandsons! After marrying my best friend and soul mate in 2018, I decided to formally establish the business that I've been growing for years — Angel Bookkeeper LLC. I am a current ProAdvisor with QuickBooks Online. I have a BS in Business Administration, and I have both the National Association of Certified Public Bookkeeper and Payroll Certifications. 

I started bookkeeping just out of high school. Over the years, I kept books manually and used other accounting programs. I was one of the first to use QuickBooks Desktop in 2006, and later in 2011, I started using QuickBooks Online, which offers many benefits over the former desktop version: 

  • You will have access from any type of computer browser.
  • It has a mobile app!
  • You can automatically create and email invoices.
  • You can see your financial picture easily.
  • Through my ProAdvisor Program, I can offer you discounted rates on the QuickBooks Online plans.

Along with providing bookkeeping services and financial advice, my mission is to help grow healthy businesses. Having a healthy business environment will not only cut down on the number of sick days that your employees take but also give them more energy. In addition, it can help reduce stress, and having a less stressful work environment will help your employees be more productive. All of these factors will lead to a more profitable business for you. 

I hope to help guide you with some of the positive things in life that I have learned over the years. Keep an eye on my blog, which will provide articles on a wide range of ideas to help you have a happy, healthy business.  

I truly look forward to helping your business grow!

Love and light,

Deanna Moriarity 

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