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Mesa, AZ

Deanna  has been with me for a very long time. She's handled all of the payroll  and bookkeeping for my dental practice and property/real estate going  on 30 years now. We have a relationship in which I'm comfortable picking  up the phone to call her for anything. She keeps me organized and helps  me overcome the challenges of working independently. Deanna is very  professional and offers a wide array of services. Also, she has given me  tips on health and wellness that make life more enjoyable. I just love  how she communicates, and I greatly appreciate the detailed approach she  takes toward handling my finances.  


Phoenix, AZ

My  success is largely due to working with the Angel Bookkeeper. I've had  Deanna manage my bookkeeping for over 10 years, and she has kept my life  organized. I'm involved with multiple entrepreneurial ventures, and  thanks to her services, I've been able to sort out my life. She helps me  stay on top of things no matter what's thrown my way. While others may  choose to do their own books, and likely fall behind and forego time  with family, I'm able to prioritize my time and take vacations without  thinking about work. Definitely recommend her service. Thank you Angel  Bookkeeper!  


Dallas, TX

Deanna  is the best! She's managed all of my bookkeeping and personal taxes for  the last 8 years. I appreciate that she goes above and beyond to keep  my records straight AND keep me on schedule. She has given me insight as  to how to keep track of my expenses. When I do freelance work, she  gives me reminders about write-offs and how much to put aside for taxes,  along with providing other useful guidance. I don't have a huge  business, but she treats me like I do. She's an invaluable asset and a  true guardian angel. All the best! 


Los Angeles, CA

I  am an actor/model and Deanna has been doing my books for 7 years now. I  couldn’t be happier with the work she has done. She completely takes  the stress out of bookkeeping and lets me focus on other aspects of my  business. I would highly recommend her for any professional looking for  bookkeeping services. Thanks Deanna!  


Bothell, WA

Deanna is a great bookkeeper and is very hard-working and dependable. She is thorough, communicative and incredibly efficient. She has managed my books for over 15 years and is a real pleasure to work with. 


Seattle, WA 

I am very appreciative to Deanna for guiding my financial  decisions for my small business. She has always been very reliable  managing my books, offering tips on how to save and make money, and has  made my personal and business finances free of stress. She is very  personable and trustworthy. Thanks Deanna for all your help!